Malik Piano Artists was founded by noted piano authority Farhan Malik in 2013 as a means of presenting and promoting the world’s most artistic and engaging piano talents.

Pianists represented by Malik Piano Artists have a beautiful, unforgettable sound.  Their playing has rhythmic and expressive freedom along with a wide range of colors.  Such playing touches the emotions of an audience.

Pianists represented by Malik Piano Artists have been compared with the great masters of the past (“The Golden Age”), whose playing captured the hearts of their audiences.  When you engage a Malik Piano Artist, you can count on a performance that mesmerizes your audience and lingers in their minds long after the event is over. Malik Piano Artists only represents musicians that are both great virtuoso pianists and great individual artists.

Farhan Malik has advocated an expressive, artistic, and imaginative style of piano playing throughout his career as piano lecturer, author, and critic.  Through Malik Piano Artists, he is able to present pianists whose playing fulfills that promise.