Why Malik Piano Artists?

The launch of Malik Piano Artists Management comes after many years of work in the piano world.  Those of you already familiar with me know that I have written many articles about pianists, lectured on piano playing at music schools and festivals, researched important historical pianists, reissued historically important piano recordings, published discographies, and written reviews of piano CDs.  I also have a level of proficiency with the instrument itself having earned Bachelors of Music and Masters of Music degrees in piano performance.

Over the years  I have heard all types of pianists.  Some dazzle with their virtuosity while others impress by the complexity of the music they perform.  However, the pianists that left the greatest impression on me were the ones whose playing reaches deep inside you and makes you feel something indescribable.  When those pianists play, you are no longer just a spectator; you are emotionally involved with the music as it unfolds.  Great artists of this caliber are rare, but they are a true gift to music.

In my lectures and articles about piano playing I always try to expose my audience to this kind of piano playing, and the reactions and feedback I have received has confirmed for me that this is the sort of playing audiences are craving.  Going back 100 or more years one can read about recitals that left the audience emotionally drained (in a good way) or that were described as spiritual events.   Those concerts left you feeling more in touch with your own humanity.   I cannot bring back those great pianists of the “Golden Age”, but through Malik Piano Artists I can instead present those pianists of today who have a similar effect on their audiences.